Petra Who?

Hello dear reader

My name is Petra: cat mom,comic book geek,book worm,music enthusiast. I'm also studying Communication and Multimedia Design
I have a passion for photography, film making, design and writing. Coming from a multicultural background and having lived in different countries has made me adaptable and has given me the ability to understand people more.

Photo & Film

I like reading people, getting to know their personalities and then depicting their true self in my photographs and films.
I also love music, which is why concert photography is one of my favourite subjects.


I am known to be very chaotic which is why, paradoxically, I like to create clean but playful designs. Keeping the workings of a website simple and not too busy is my goal and vision.


I have written articles ranging from the mythology of Star Wars to fairytales as a mean of normative social control. I like to write about topics that matter to me.

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Petra Vujičić
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